HTTP cookies are small pieces of data that are sent to a browser from a server. They are generally used for a few different reasons. First, for session management such as making sure a shopping carts remains the same even if the user leaves the page momentarily. Second, personalization — keeping track of themes or other preferences. Finally, for tracking and recording user behavior for analyzation. Generally companies will use this information to follow a user or consumer along their journey within the site. This can be used to see what does or doesn’t cause consumers to purchase products.


Flex container cross axis and main axis

The Basics

Flexbox (The Flexible Box Module) is a CSS property created as a one-dimensional layout model. Developers can use flexbox to create consistent and flattering distribution of space between elements within applications. Flexbox’s one dimensional characteristic refers to how it is used. As in the picture above, everything within flexbox is dealt with on either the main-axis or the cross-axis. Personally I like to refer to them as the x and y axis, but whatever helps you visualize and understand is best!

Main Axis

The main-axis runs across the width of the window by default. As stated before, you can think of it…

White boarding can by helpful and sometimes impressive for instructors to see.

What kind of technical interview are we talking about here?

Like other software engineers, when I hear “technical interview” I think about a coding challenge of some sort. Handling a technical question or two about the Internet or benefits of React, and solving some sort of algorithm in a given language. Is that what it means every single time though? I believe that this is not the case.

Technical assessments can be something as informal as a quick question or two from a technical recruiter on an initial phone screening. Or maybe later in the process, when you speak to an engineering manager and they ask you about projects that…

What is Kotlin?

Kotlin is a general purpose programming language created by JetBrains, a Czech software company. Kotlin grew in popularity after its release because of the concise syntax and compatibility with Java. Since Kotlin is a general purpose language, it can be used for Android development, web development and data science. In 2019, Google announced Kotlin as their preferred language for Android development. Some other companies that use Kotlin are Netflix, Pinterest and Duolingo.

Variable Declaration

Kotlin has two different types of variable declaration. The var or val keywords represent mutable or immutable variables respectively. …

JavaScript generally executes in a synchronous fashion. Meaning the code runs from top to bottom, one line or block at a time, and functions rely on completion of other functions to finish executing before the the program can run them. For example:

Task A runs in the program, but Task B cannot start execution before Task A is finished. Same circumstances occur with Task C. Task B must be completed before Task C can be executed.

This is the basis of synchronous program execution. JavaScript also is a single threaded language. Meaning that each thread is a single process used…

When Ecma International created ECMAScript, developers were quick to adopt the standardized language for multiple reasons. The updated JavaScript syntax is more readable and requires less syntax, increasing economy of the code. Common bugs resulting from ES5 were mitigated with new ES6 syntax. Finally, among other improvements, the ES6 syntax has more similarity with other languages which opens the door for more experienced developers to easily grasp the language.

Because ES6 was standardized for cross-browser functionality, popularity amongst developers was sure to be strong. While individual browsers would be unable to develop support fast enough. …

Introducing my Developing Developer Series

Throughout this series of blogs, I am hoping to accomplish a few things. First and foremost is to share my experiences, opinions, perspectives and support for any and all developers. More specifically, to share my processes for searching for my first full time software engineering position. Luckily, I know a thing or two about programming. One of which is that, you can create just about anything you can think of.

So I thought, why don’t I just build a responsive web application specifically for myself, that I can use to monitor, adjust and record my search. Using my personal experience…

Over the pasts few years, Active Storage has taken the place of Paperclip within Ruby on Rails. Paperclip is no longer actively supported, where as Active Storage is. Not to mention that they offer similar solutions, so the transitions makes sense. Active Storage is now the preferred way for developers to use cloud based storage. It also allows for local disk storage for development and testing environments.

Why use Active Storage?

Developers find it easier and more efficient to have the ability to attach files to Active Record objects as they desire, rather than allocating rows for numerous tables in their database. Active Storage…

Inspired by a recent experience of mine, I’ve made the decision to become more familiar with class components within React. Until recently, my time with React has been almost exclusively dealing with function components and Hooks. I have had exposure to class components, but unfortunately not as much as I’d like to be able to admit.

Naturally I’ve gone in, out, up and down the React documentation trying to soak up the information I was looking for. My scouring has lead me to this conclusion — React with Hooks and function components provide easier and more efficient coding, which will…

I’ve spent a lot of time working on my most recent project. Continuously looking for ways to refactor, improve and elevate the level of my code and in turn, the application itself. Only to realize that I have not constructed a README file before I deploy. I’m sure that I am not the first developer to encounter this situation, and I’m certain that I will not be the last. This has inspired me to share with you how to create a README file, using the common ‘Markdown’ syntax.

What, why, when, where and how?

What: A text file that introduces anyone viewing your project to it…

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