Flex container cross axis and main axis

The Basics

Flexbox (The Flexible Box Module) is a CSS property created as a one-dimensional layout model. Developers can use flexbox to create consistent and flattering distribution of space between elements within applications. Flexbox’s one dimensional characteristic refers to how it is used. As in the picture above, everything within flexbox is…

White boarding can by helpful and sometimes impressive for instructors to see.

What kind of technical interview are we talking about here?

Like other software engineers, when I hear “technical interview” I think about a coding challenge of some sort. Handling a technical question or two about the Internet or benefits of React, and solving some sort of algorithm in a given language. Is that what it means every single time though…

What is Kotlin?

Kotlin is a general purpose programming language created by JetBrains, a Czech software company. Kotlin grew in popularity after its release because of the concise syntax and compatibility with Java. Since Kotlin is a general purpose language, it can be used for Android development, web development and data science. In…

Introducing my Developing Developer Series

Jakob Persons

Software Engineer | Full Stack Developer | Soccer Fanatic

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